The stage (pardon the pun…sorry! Not sorry!) was set!

We here at The Technovore do sometimes crawl out of our hideouts and venture out into the wild. Our pasty skin burns at the touch of sunlight but that’s a price you pay for being recluses. That’s why we love going out in the evening, which is exactly why it’s one of the reason why we enjoyed Open Stage last night!

There were a trio of acts that took to the stage (heh…pun) last night; Subsonic Eye, Joie Tan and Ariel Tsai.

Subsonic Eye primed the crowd for the acts to come.

As the opening act, Subsonic Eye had the daunting task of getting the crowd (a mix of tourists, curious bystanders and a ton of youths) amped up and ready for the upcoming acts.

The band was definitely up for the task, belting out song after song with barely a moment of rest the whole time they were up there. Pretty soon, they had the entirety of the crowds jamming along to the sweet synth and guitar riffs they were pumping out.

Joei Tan’s music was a stark contrast to the Subsonic Eye’s and her hypnotic vocals entranced all.

When Joie Tan took to the stage later on at 8.15pm, the crowd was still hungry for more. We’ve not heard Joie sing before, so we didn’t know what to expect. We certainly didn’t expect to be blown away by her sultry vocals and smooth music.

It’s a totally different experience from the Subsonic Eye’s frenetic jams and a great counterpoint for the evening, giving all who attended an aural extravaganza. Pretty soon, we (and everybody else) were swaying along as Joie swept us away with her tunes.

Ariel Tsai’s slot was the most packed! We had to stand at the back cause we gave up our space to take a break. Much sadness.

Once Joei was done, we foolishly thought we’d have enough time to get a drink and come back in time and get a good seat for Ariel Tsai’s performance. We were so, so wrong. We were gone 10 minutes (at most!) and came back to a sizable(standing room only!) crowd, all hyped up for the singer to take to the stage.

In hindsight, we really shouldn’t have left our positions near the stage. As evidenced by her popularity on Youtube, Ariel Tsai drew a large crowd for her performance, as she belted out song after song.

Still, all good things must end and Open Stage was no exception. Ariel’s performance ended just a tad before Marina Bay Sand’s Spectra show was about to come on.

In hindsight, that was a rather good note to end on.

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