Remember when we talked about how Alien was getting short films later this year? Yeah, it’s to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie. The Xenomorph massacre on the Nostromo seems just like yesterday to us.

Anyways, we’d thought that Fox’s short films will be coming a bit later in the year, especially since the Alien: Isolation Digital Series was released just a few weeks back.

Turns out Fox disagrees.

Instead, they’ve revealed that 6 new Alien short stories will be coming to Youtube soon. The first will be coming on Friday, March 26 with one film coming out every subsequent Friday. All of them will be released on IGN’s channel.

Here’s the synopsis of the films, though we’re not sure if it’s in release order.

Is it just us or do the short films’ plots all seem better than Alien Covenant’s? The trailer above, coupled with the summaries, make Alien Covenant seem boring by comparison.

It does makes you wonder; if Fox is blowing out all the stops this early, what else has the company up its sleeves as we near Alien’s October 31 anniversary date?

Here’s hoping that at least some of these are awesome enough that Fox greenlights another sequel in the series. Or at the very least, Alien: Isolation 2.

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