Who you gonna call when there’s a ghost in your cereal?

As a kid growing up in the 80s, my Saturday mornings were filled with the theme songs of M.A.S.K., He-Man, Centurions and of course, Ghostbusters. They had some weird merchandise (such as the ectoplasm toy) but this cereal easily takes the whole damn cake.

Yup, your eyes do not deceive you. Funko’s created a new cereal based off the friendliest ghost this side of Casper. It’s called Slimer, comes in a weird green color and also includes a mini Slimer Funko POP!

Maybe it’s the fact that Slimer looks more like an imp than he does in the cartoons. Or it could be that the cereal’s a disquieting shade of green. Perhaps it’s both. Either way, the cereal doesn’t really look that appetizing to us here at The Technovore.

If you’re game to try it out though, you can pre-order the multigrain cereal now at Gamestop for US$7.99, with it set to ship on June 2. Don’t forget to read the Ghostbusters x Transformers comic series and get the new Ectotron Transformers toy too while you’re at it!

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