With its release date fast approaching, it’s do or die time if you plan to get Ubisoft’s The Division 2 when it launches later this week.

All the platforms (PC, PS4 and Xbox One) have every edition of the game. The problem is there are so many (MANY!) different versions that finding the one that fits your budget is almost like a mini-game in itself.

We got you covered.

This guide’s going to go through all the different editions you can get. The first thing to note is that some editions of the game (Gold, Ultimate and the Dark Zone and Phoenix Shield editions) offer 3 days early access.

Instead of playing the game on its official release date (March 15 2019), owners of these editions get to play on Mar 12 2019.

Are 3 whole days of early access worth the extra price?

We’ve had a chance to play the Closed Beta and came away pretty impressed, so if you’re asking us, we say go for it if you have the dough AND are planning to venture in the game’s PVP Dark Zones before the masses descend.

We’re not going to be listing the prices for the editions they might different depending on region. For more information on prices, we suggest checking your local stores or Ubisoft website.

Pre-order incentives.

You’re going to get this with every pre-order before March 15.

For those who pre-order, you’re going to get the Capitol Defender Pack, which includes a new look, weapon and blueprint. This will be available to all pre-orders on any platform. If you’re sure you’re going to get the game, just pre-order and get this free. No fuss, no muss.

Gold Edition.

Gold no longer means you get everything.

First on the list, there’s the Gold Edition.

This includes the Year 1 Pass, the game and 3 days early access. This is the cheapest version of the game that nets you early access.

Of particular importance is that this time around the Gold Edition DOESN’T get you everything that the game will offer. You only get EARLY access to the content, as Ubisoft plans on making every content update free for all to prevent fracturing the player base (like what happened with the first game).

The upside to having the Year 1 Pass is that you get exclusive access to unique customization options, additional activities and other yet to be revealed perks.

Ultimate Edition (Digital Only).

The Ultimate Edition comes with everything the Gold Edition has, plus extra DLC.

If you’re going for only the digital route, you might want to consider the Ultimate Edition.

It’s the top tier digital version you can get, with everything that comes with the Gold Edition, along with 3 extra bonus DLC; the Battleworn Secret Service Pack, The First Responder Pack and The Elite Agent Pack.

These might or might not (we’re betting on might) go on sale later on down the line, but there’s no word on when.

If you want the the extra stuff and are going the digital route, you’re definitely going to want to go for the Ultimate Edition.

Dark Zone Collector’s Edition.

If you need kitsch to go along with your game, the Dark Zone Collector’s Edition should fit the bill.

The Dark Zone Collector’s Edition is one of two special physical editions of the game.

It comes with the basic edition of the game the Dark Zone limited edition box, a Heather Ward Statue by UbiCollectibles, the Art of The Division 2 book of lithographs, a selected game soundtrack and a world map.

Note that this edition doesn’t come with the Year 1 Pass or the First Responder and Elite Agent Packs. It’s basically the base game with a smidgen of DLC and some physical goodies.

Dark Zone Definitive Collector’s Edition.

This version comes with most of the same stuff as the regular Dark Zone edition PLUS a Steelbook and all of the Ultimate Edition’s DLC.

Available only in certain territories is this variant of the Dark Zone Collector’s edition. It’s basically the same thing, but with all of the Ultimate Edition’s DLC, plus a Steelbook case for the game.

Phoenix Shield Edition.

The Phoenix Shield edition packs EVERYTHING.

When you absolutely have to get everything that’s possible, you’ll want to get the Phoenix Shield Edition of the game.

This is the top tier, accept no substitutes version of the game.

It comes with everything in the Ultimate Edition plus a Steelbook case for the game, a special Phoenix Edition box and a Mark Johnson 1/6 scale figure by UbiCollectibles.

This is on top of the art book, world map and selected soundtrack CD from the Dark Zone Collector’s Edition. The ONLY thing missing in this edition is the statue but you can just grab that off Ebay instead.

So there you have it, a complete breakdown of all the different editions The Division 2 comes in. Which version are you going to get?

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