Resident Evil 2 is now infecting PUBG Mobile!

Resident Evil 2 is having a killer launch period. First, it got the new free DLC episodes ‘ The Ghost Survivors’. Then it got the retro costumes, alongside the release of PC modder’s Crazy Potato’s Dino Crisis costumes.

Now, we have word that the crossover event with PUBG Mobile is live and underway!

PUBG’s taken the world by storm when it launched and though its fire has diminished somewhat with the appearance of other battle royale games (like Fortnite and Apex Legends), the big daddy of the genre still has some tricks up its sleeves, as evidenced by the new ‘Survive till Dawn’ event.

Only for PUBG mobile at the moment (hopefully it comes to the PC and console versions later), the event offer a new twist for the game, in the form of a PvE (Player versus Environment/Enemy) mode, set in the game’s Erengel map.

In this new mode, players will need to survive three days and two nights (it’s condensed into a 30 min round, not real time), all while fending off the Resident Evil series’ trademark critters; Lickers, Mr X, William Birkin…and of course, zombies! That’s of course, not taking into account the other players, who may or may not want to team up with you.

The new gameplay type has the zombies go docile by day, where you’re free to hunt down other players as usual. When night comes however, it’s when the big boys come to play as Mr X and G (Stage 1) have a chance to randomly spawn in-game. Zombies too become enraged at night and visibility gets much lower, which makes things much, much harder.

Playing in the event will net you the chance to get some rare Resident Evil 2 loot, such as Leon and Claire skins. Other prizes include costumes based on Ada Wong and RPD lieutenant Marvin Branagh.

The event doesn’t seem to have an end date at the moment, but you can bet this won’t last for long.

If you’ve not downloaded the game, you can download the game for Android here, while the iOS version can be found here.

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