Singapore – July 13 2022

Logitech today launched it’s POP Key series of keyboard and POP Mouse. Comprising of three vibrant and playful colours namely Daydream (Taro Purple), Heartbreaker (Strawberry Pink) and Blast (Popcorn Yellow).


The release of the POP series mechanical keyboard (S$169) and POP mouse(S$54) which incorporates visually aesthetic colours and designs are meant to bring fun to the personal workplace.

Bernard Chow, Head of Cluster (SG,MY,PH) Logitech

“We wanted products that weren’t just extensions of our users but that were just as expressive as them, hence the new POP Keys and POP Mouse. No matter the personality – larger than life, whimsical, or focused – there’s a POP for everyone.” – Bernard Chow, Head of Cluster (SG, MY, PH)

The POP Keys comes with eight customisable and interchangeable emoji keys which can be programmed by the Logitech Options software. On top of the emoji keys, twelve new FN shortcuts featuring Snip, Screen, Mic Mute and Media keys are included.

The POP Mouse features a Smartwheel that flips automatically from high precision to speed scroll mode, allowing for fast transitioning and scrolling. Compact and Chic, the POP Mouse can be used and enjoyed at any environment to bring a POP to mundane life.

Both POP products empower multi-device creativity, connecting to up to three devices at a time via Bluetooth or the Logi Bolt wireless receiver. Each also comes with the promise of durability and long-lasting battery life—a signature of Logitech products.

Pricing and availability.

POP Keys, POP Mouse and Logitech Desk Mat is available now at all authorised retailers. The suggested retail price is $169 for POP Keys, $54 for POP Mouse and $39 for Logitech Desk Mat. POP Bundle Kits are also available at $199, at major consumer electronics stores, while stocks last. It includes 1 POP Keys, 1 POP Mouse, 1 Desk Mat and 1 Palm Rest.

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