Dragon Quest might not have the same impact to us English speaking folk as it does for Japanese gamers, but to say that it’s an unknown series would be a damn lie. Square Enix’s been steadily releasing tons of Dragon Quest games in recent years, from the Minecraft-esque Dragon Quest Builders to main entries in the series. It’s not a main entry, but Dragon Quest Treasures looks to be just as good as any game released in the series thus far.

Here’s a trailer for the game to get you hyped.

The game stars two young siblings, Erik and Mia.

When they encounter (and rescue) two mysterious visitors in the form of Porcus and Purrsila, the siblings are transported from their home (via a pair of Dragon Daggers) to a world called Draconia, where they have to quest for seven Dragonstones.

Players will be able to free switch between Erik and Mia in the game, as the character progression and progress will carry over no matter who they play as.

Draconia itself is made up of multiple floating islands, and from the looks of it, you’ll get to journey to them all. Erik and Mia won’t be alone though, as Dragon Quest Treasures’ main duo will be able to communicate and enlist the aid of the monsters they encounter, courtesy of the pair’s Dragon Daggers.

Monsters you buddy with not only will help you out during battles, they also come with their own special skills that lets you use them to locate treasures as you explore Draconia.

Like its name suggests, treasure hunting makes up a big part of the game. Using the Fortune Finder, you’ll be able to utilize Treasure Visions to look through the eyes of your monster allies to see buried treasure.

Finding the loot is just half the battle though!

You’ll still need to haul it back to base to get it appraised to find out what it’s worth. According to Square Enix, there’ll even be rival bands of treasure hunters who’ll try to steal your treasure.

If you somehow manage to fend them off, you can use your loot to upgrade your base and develop your crew into even more capable treasure hunters…which means you can then head for bigger prizes, with some of them being iconic weapons and items from past Dragon Quest games.

Excited at the prospect?

Dragon Quest Treasures hits the Nintendo Switch on December 9 2022. No word on whether it’ll come to other platforms yet.

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