Playstation Network subscribers in Asia are getting a bum deal…and some of you might not even realize it. Did you know, that in the US, if you subscribe to the highest tier of the Playstation Plus service, you get access to PS3 games via streaming?

It used to be the PS Now service, but is now bundled into the Playstation Plus tier offerings, part of the Classics Catalogue. There’s a whole buttload of PS3 titles ready to be played.

My question is, why are Asian subscribers treated like secondary citizens?

Why hasn’t streaming been an option for us? We can stream 4K media via Netflix, Youtube, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, yet Sony thinks we don’t have the bandwidth or tech to stream games?


On the Xbox, streaming your games is easily available and playable with minimal lag…so it’s certainly not an issue of the bandwidth. So what’s the issue then?

Licensing? Probably, but it still doesn’t explain why first party (or second party) titles aren’t available to stream.

So what gives, Sony?

Why aren’t we able to play PS3 games via the cloud in Singapore?

I’ll be honest, I’ve already tried streaming some games on my PS5 with my US PSN account. It works. There’s a bit of lag (a few milliseconds) but it’s playable enough. I tried it with Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, I tried it with Trash Panic and I tried it with Tokyo Jungle.

Let me say it again, the tech works though I don’t recommend using the US PSN due to the lag.

So why aren’t we able to stream them games Sony?!

Don’t you have enough server capacity for everybody? If not, why not? Or are we Asians just an afterthought in the grand scheme of things? Come on, at least give us an answer one way or another. I’ve been waiting to stream for years!

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