DC’s Trinity is made up of their three most famous superheroes. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Yet, despite there being three heroes sharing the limelight, it’s Batman that’s the focus for DC.

Batman has a damn day. The world’s grouchiest superhero has a damn day named after him. Meanwhile, Superman and Wonder Woman get nothing. Superman hasn’t had a standalone movie in years, and Wonder Woman hasn’t had a good movie longer than that.

Let’s not even begin to talk about what the hell went wrong with WW84.

The point is DC seems to shower the Dark Knight with a ton of love (how many games and movies involving Batman are coming again?) while the other two parts of the Trinity are relegated to minor players.

Why though?

What’s with the decision to focus solely on Batman in recent years? Even when it involves other heroes, the plot still revolves around Batman!

What happened to DC’s Trinity being a trinity?!

dc's trinity

Superman hasn’t had a game since Superman Returns. Wonder Woman is even worse off than poor Superman. She hasn’t had a game in…well, ever? I don’t think Wonder Woman has ever had a solo game. I certainly don’t remember playing one…and I’ve been gaming since the late 80s!

She’s been in tons of games (like the Injustice series and the LEGO DC games) but to date, I don’t think Diana has ever starred in a game made solely for her! That’s a damn crime against humanity! I mean even Peppa Pig has a damn game on modern consoles! PEPPA FREAKING PIG!

In the meantime, Batman’s had the Arkham games, a couple of LEGO games and Gotham Knights incoming. It’s all bats all the damn time.

I honestly don’t get the fascination with Batman (or the Batfamily). He’s dark, brooding and no fun at all. He’s rich but that’s the extent of his superpowers. Everything that’s Batman is bought with money. His tech? Bought by money. His armor? Bought by money. His training? Bought by money.

It’s all money, all the damn time with Batman…That and death of everybody close to him.

It’s not a Batman story if somebody or other close to him is not dying annually.

dc's trinity

On the flipside, you have Superman.

He’s earnest, nice to a fault and has tons of cool powers. Yet nobody’s making a game with him as the star. EA had it right when they made Superman Returns, but they didn’t have the tech back then to make that game good.

Now we do.

It’s high time for an open world game starring Kal-El with destructible environments! Or even a Wonder Woman game in the same vein. After all, Woman Woman is pretty similar to Superman, at least basic powers-wise. Both have super strength, speed, endurance and healing.

Imagine Superman Returns as the base but enhanced with modern tech. Flying across the world at super speed with accurate real world cities ala Microsoft Flight Simulator. Punching bad guys through buildings ala Injustice’s cutscenes. Flying to space (and back to Earth) in real time ala No Man’s Sky.

The pieces are all there. Why isn’t somebody mashing them together to create THE Superman/ Wonder Woman game we’ve all be waiting for?! DC’s Trinity has three heroes in it but everybody just seems to be focusing on the most boring one!

How hard is it to adapt that into a good modern video game?

So come on DC!

Get Rocksteady (I know they’re working on Gotham Knights right now) or somebody to work on a damn Superman or Wonder Woman game instead of more games featuring Batman or the damn Batfamily! It’s time that the other two pieces of your Trinity get their time in the limelight!

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