Every year (since 2014), on the third Saturday of September, the world takes a moment to recognize and honor somebody who’s made a huge difference in all our lives. Ok, maybe not a huge difference…or any, really. Unless your parents were brutally killed in an alley, it’s pretty hard to relate to Bruce Wayne. I digress…the point is, every third Saturday of September is Batman Day.

Be it in the form of the late (and great) Adam West, Micheal Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale or Ben Affleck, Batman has been in our lives (whether we want him to or not) in some form or other for decades. I’d know! One of my earliest memories of Batman is watching a direct to video cartoon of his from the 80s that my mum bought in Malaysia. One of my fondest memory of Batman is going to the cinema with my late (and also great) grandpa to watch Batman (and a few years later, Batman Returns).

I even have BluRay sets of Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond and the old Batman series starring Adam West. Don’t get me started on the many, many figures of Batman…Seriously, I even have a mini diorama of Batman surrounded by the Metal Dark Knights.

Red Death is missing because he’s still in his packaging with the Flash.

The weird thing is…I don’t even like Batman. @ribhigni is the Batman fanboy round these here parts. I’m a Superman fan!

Sadly though, this post is about Batman, and Batman Day.

On that day (September 19 if you’ve forgotten), DC’s bringing out the big, Bat guns to celebrate the Dark Knight.

HBO Asia will be leading the charge with an AR Instagram filter on their page. Use the AR filter of the Batmobile, tag @HBOASIA on Instagram or @DCASIAOFFICIAL on Facebook and use the hashtags #HBOASIA, DCASIAOFFICIAL and #BATMANMONTH to get entered into a contest (which runs September 10 – 24) with tons of Batman goodies as prizes!

If that’s not enough AR for you, hit up either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store to download the DC: Batman Bat-Tech AR app. The app (which is already out right now) allows you to do some pretty nifty stuff, will get another update on Batman Day itself, which’ll pit users (and Batman) against some of the heroes’ rogues gallery.

Batman Day is also going to put a dent in your wallet as all sorts of retailers will also be releasing new Batman related merchandise or sales on that day!

Lazada will be having deals (such as an exclusive Batman EZlink card design available on September 18, Spinmaster Batman toys and LEGO Batman sets)and giveaways from September 18 – 26, SecretLab has a new Batman themed chair, XM Labs has some totally awesome statues and Royal Selangor has a bevy of limited edition Batman merchandise.

If you prefer to celebrate Batman Day by binging on your butt (instead of spending), know that Cartoon Network will be having a Batman focused programming every weekend till September 24. Here’s the schedule from tomorrow onwards.

  • SEPT 11: LEGO DC Justice League Vs Bizarro League
  • SEPT 12: LEGO DC Justice League Cosmic Clash
  • SEPT 18: LEGO DC Batman Family Matters
  • SEPT 19: LEGO Batman DC Super Heroes Unite
  • SEPT 24: Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Finally, for your fix of Batman series and movies, you can hit up HBO GO. They have Pennyworth, Batwoman, a handful of DC Animated Batman movies and NINE Batman films to watch. That’s honestly a LOT of content for one dude.

Then there’s the big one; DC FANDOME 2021 which will have a ton of Batman related news.

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