Covid KO’ed the US’ E3. It hamstrung Japan’s TGS. It even foiled Germany’s Gamecom! Luckily for us Singaporeans, we’re a hardy breed. That’s why gamescom asia 2021 is still going ahead as a physical expo (for trade and industry only) next month.

We’ll definitely be there to cover it, but here’s a sneak peak at what’s in store for everybody!

gamescom asia 2021 isn’t going to be as hardcore and as huge as next year’s full fledged expo but it will still feature a ton of stuff for both trade/ industry and regular visitors.

As we mentioned earlier, trade and industry visitors get to start off early, from October 14 – 15, with a bevy of talks, keynotes and panels from industry veterans. Big names like Marianne Krawczyk (Lead Writer for the God of War series) and Darby McDevitt (Narrative Director for the Assassin’s Creed games) will be holding court, spilling the beans on their process for attendees to absorb.

On October 15 though, things get a tad hardcore, as there’ll be talks both online and off! It’s going to be challenging to catch them all!

For the public, October 16 is the date where the fun starts. That’s when gamescom asia 2021 kicks off for the general masses with a TON of content for gamers to absorb.

Kicking off at 9PM SGT (GMT+8) on Friday, October 15, gamescom asia PRIMETIME will be your go to channel for all the latest info. Expect updated previews on upcoming games and maybe even gameplay walkthroughs…hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to see major games get announced on the stream.

While what exactly will be shown is still shrouded in mystery, at the very least, we have a timetable for when PRIMETIME and other gamescom asia 2021 online content will be live.

For now, just sit tight and bookmark the gamescom asia 2021 website because come October, that’s where you’ll definitely want to be.

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