Is it coincidence…or is Mezco smarter than we give them credit? They’ve revealed the latest in their One:12 Collective line and it’s the Big Chap! Yup, the next figure in line is the One:12 Collective Alien…also known as the Big Chap or Drone.

Mezco (and a couple of local specialty toyshops) are taking orders for the One:12 Collective Alien, which is in scale with the rest of the Mezco line. I’m actually looking forward to posing this with my Old Man Logan and Cyclops One:12 Collective figures.

The One:12 Collective Alien will retail for US$100, though local retailers (such as The Falcon’s Hangar) have it up for preorder at SG$120. Considering that US$100 is about SG$135, it’s a pretty good deal. The figure comes with similar accessories to NECA’s Ultimate Big Chap figure too…

One:12 Collective Alien

You get two types of eggs, two types of facehuggers, plus a ton of interchangeable hands and inner mouths. Not a bad deal at all. It seems unlikely (as none of the picture show it), but I hope the head carapace is removable, like the old Konami Alien Trading figures.

The only downside to ordering this Mezco figure is that the company doesn’t have any other Alien figure in its lineup…yet. More will undoubtedly come, but for those hoping to reenact scenes from Alien (or Alien Isolation) are out of luck. I also hope that Mezco looks into releasing some of its set pieces that it used in the product shots for the figure. They look damn good as diorama backgrounds!

With a release date of Q1 2022, there’s still quite a ways to go before release. In the meantime, why not go play more Aliens: Fireteam Elite?

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