If you’re a toy connoisseur like most of us here at The Technovore, you’d probably have kept your eye on the HasLab Galactus that came up for crowdfunding a couple of months back. Like the HasLab Sentinel (and every other HasLab crowdfunding project), HasLab Galactus is highly unlikely to come to retail due to its size and prohibitive cost.

In fact, this is by far the largest HasLab project thus far, coming in an awesomely massive 81.2 cm! It’ll be appropriately huge, considering Marvel Legends figures are around 15cm (with some BAF and deluxe characters a bit bigger).

Like all other HasLab projects, the HasLab Galactus also comes with its own of stretch goals; Frankie Reyes, the Silver Surfer and Morg figures and an alternate Doctor Doom head.

I’m all in for the figures (I’ve held off buying a Silver Surfer figure for ages!) but I wished HasLab had gone a different route than going for the Doom head. I mean we don’t even have a Victorious figure yet, so finding something to pair with the Doom head Galactus would be challenging. I’d rather have a Terrax or even Firelord or Air-Walker…or hell, Thor to beef up Galactus’ heralds.

With 33,000+ buyers, HasLab Galactus won’t be nearly as scarce as the Sentinel or some of the other projects but that shouldn’t diminish its value much, if at all. After all, it’s highly unlikely Hasbro will be releasing this for retail and a retooling might not come around for years or even decades…if it comes around at all.

Unfortunately, since the HasLab campaign has ended, there’s no way to get in on backing the HasLab Galactus right not. All local importers like The Falcon’s Hangar and Robo Robo have already closed their preorders too.

The only chance to get one now would be to wait for its release late 2022, and pay the exorbitant prices it’ll fetch on the resale market. There’s no way this will be going for the $650 importers are asking for next year.

Either way, we should be doing a review of the figure when it comes out next year, along with the upcoming Sentinel figure as well.

Stay tuned!

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