BlizzCon 2021 has successfully concluded over the weekend by revealing all kinds of information about existing games and upcoming ones. Although, amidst the collective features, there was only one game that truly excited us. And unsurprisingly, it was none other than Diablo 4!

It’s no secret that Diablo is one of the best video game franchises among gamers, and its latest sequel is something that everyone has been waiting for eagerly. However, there was a little doubt that the game would not live up to expectations after Blizzard’s stunt with Diablo Immortal.

Thankfully, those uncertainties have been put to rest!

Diablo 4 rears it’s head to its roots.

We’ve known for a while that Diablo 4 would have five starting class, although only three got revealed so far; the Barbarian, Sorceress and Druid. However, all that changed during BlizzCon2021.

The fourth starter in the collection was finally announced, and it’s none other than Rogue. And if you’re not familiar with the class, then I don’t blame you since its origin dates back to the original game released in 1996!

It’s honestly a welcomed surprise that Blizzard decided to go with Rogue this time around. She’s a character that hasn’t been used in any of the sequels before. And based on her introduction video, it’s clear that the developers have invested a vast amount of time into crafting a thrilling and gory backstory to draw in fans.

And truth be told, drawn in, we certainly are! I’ve never been one to play dexterity-based characters in Diablo, but after watching the reveal, it has become the first class I’ll be playing at launch!

Now all that’s left is for the final class to be unveiled by Blizzard.

I, for one, am hoping that we get to see the Monk make a reappearance again. I need my fix for hand to hand combat, so it’s time to wish upon a shooting star!

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