The Synder Cut is probably the most anticipated movie of the year, with a whopping budget of $70 million for reshoots! To say that Warner Bros and Zack Synder needs this movie to succeed among the masses is an understatement. However, the success of the film speaks differently for the production company and the director himself.

If the Synder Cut succeeds, Warner Bros will be rolling in tons of money from the additional subscriptions that HBO Max will receive henceforth. Yet, for Zack Synder, he won’t be receiving anything for the work he’s doing, and that’s how he wants it.

Zack Synder has deliberately chosen to forego a paycheck for working on the Synder Cut, and his reasoning for it? By doing so, he can retain most of his negotiation powers on the project without feeling the need to be obligated to anyone, in this case, Warner Bros.

This move on Zack’s part certainly is unorthodox, but it speaks volumes of his determination. The project has become more than work to the director; it has become his passion that he wants to fulfil by bringing it to his fans, one way or another. If that doesn’t prove that a person can love his work and enjoy it, then I don’t know what could.

Zack Synder still wins in the end.

In reality, this little gamble could eventually work in Zack Synder’s favour. If the Synder Cut does perform incredibly well, then Zack’s position as someone who could helm the DC Extended Universe in the future would be solidified. And Warner Bros won’t be able to deny it to themselves any longer that free reign on Zack’s creative process would bring them a decent amount of cash flow.

Whichever way the pendulum swings, Zack Synder is most likely to come on top of this project. And honestly, it’s a damn brilliant idea.

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