With the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it sparked an interest of interconnected universes through movies. While some like the Dark Universe from Universal Pictures didn’t exactly succeed, Legendary Pictures has been building it up slowly with Godzilla and Kong to create its MonsterVerse.

And after rebooting the two behemoths’ franchise successfully, Legendary Pictures is finally bringing them together to the big screen at last. However, the wait has been truly horrendous, and the little teasers have not helped at all!

Thankfully, we have been graced with an official trailer that will whet our appetites for the time being.

Godzilla or Kong?

Unlike most trailers, Legendary Pictures did not beat around the bush; instead, they gave us what we wanted to see right away.

Within seconds, we get to see Kong being chummy with his new buddy, a small girl, as he gets shipped off to who knows where. Honestly, I’ve never understood the need for a kid in these kinds of situation. It’s highly unrealistic for anyone to bring kids near large monsters.

Anyways, that’s when Godzilla makes his appearance; destroying everything in his path with utter rage. And this uncalled attack brings the two monsters to face each other epically!

The trailer drops a sick beat as Kong punches Godzilla straight into the face, and it was then when I decided that I have to watch this movie in the theatres.

From there on, the trailer goes on to explain that something is provoking Godzilla, and I think we all can guess what that is. It’s obviously the creation of Mechagodzilla. It briefly gets shown at the start of the trailer as it moves through the city and during the charging process scene.

The trailer closes off with the two battling it out with Kong literally going for Godzilla’s head, just like how Thanos had advised Thor to do so.

In my opinion, the trailer flowed perfectly with enough hints to start a Reddit page. And the music choice was absolutely on point with the action scene. However, it’s the CGI effects that truly deserves the praise this time around. The team has improved a lot over the last few movies and has gotten so good at recreating these massive badasses.

I honestly cannot wait to watch this, and I’ll be rooting for Kong all the way!

Kong bows to no one!

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