Capcom’s next big game is Resident Evil Village, and so far all we’ve gotten are cryptic trailers that haven’t revealed much. Thankfully, all of that changed earlier today, when Capcom released their Resident Evil Showcase.

During the showcase, Capcom finally shared more details on the story elements, settings and gameplay approach. And as someone who genuinely doesn’t find Resident Evil games all that great for their singular fascination with zombies, I’m surprised to find myself intrigued to give this game a shot.

Being an absolute sucker for vampires and werewolves, I was initially keen on the game. But it was not until I saw the incredible setting that completely sold me on it.

The environment of the game feels like it got ripped straight out of a Dracula novel. And not to mention how beautifully detailed everything looked; I’m absolutely going to waste too much time exploring in this game!

I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on it, but unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. The official release date for Resident Evil Village will be on May 7 this year.

In the meantime though, there’s a demo called Maiden that’s available right now, which allows you to explore the world of Resident Evil Village as a helpless character. 

I say helpless because you won’t get to defend yourself with anything in the demo, so get ready to run for your lives! However, there’s sadly a catch.

The demo is only available on PlayStation 5; I know, I feel betrayed too. As for the rest of us, who don’t own a PS5, another demo will make its way to us in spring, sometime.

The tall and sexy lady has a name!

Ever since the Tall Lady got revealed in the game, people have gone completely mental over her. I’ll admit, I’m one of those people too. So it’s only fair that I close this article with the revelation of her name!

According to PlayStation Blog, her name is Lady Dimitrescu.

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