At the end of last month, Hasbro’s HasLab revealed their plans of creating a massive ship model, the Razor Crest, based on the Mandalorian series. Honestly, it was a brilliant strategy on Hasbro’s part of choosing to focus on the Mandalorian, especially given how it’s the only thing that’s keeping Star Wars alive right now.

Thus it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that I decided to throw in my support for the project from the get-go. Sal, however, has been resisting it strongly but trust me, it’s only a matter of time before I push him down that rabbit hole.

Update on the Razor Crest.

Some people are still on the fence about getting this ship and aren’t too sure if it’s worth all that cash. However, last week’s Hasbro Pulse Star Wars Livestream might have been the tipping point to convince more people to back it up.

In the Livestream, we got our first look at the actual grey model of the Razor Crest ship, and damn it was huge! It had so many detailing done, accessible compartments and even could get stripped down to see the inner workings of the ship. 

It was a great representation of the renders we had seen beforehand of the product. My hype for the ship went off the roof after viewing that stream, but the fact that I can only get my hands on it next year is a real bummer.

As for the number of backers, the figures are increasing daily with new stretch goals to accommodate it. As of this writing, the project already has the support of 11,000 backers and achieved two unlocks for the ship.

The first unlock for the project was an escape pod add-on that can attach itself above the ship. Soon after, an exclusive The Child figure (Baby Yoda) with a hover pram was revealed as the second unlock, to go hand in hand with the Mandalorian action figure that comes with the ship.

And as of today, the third and latest stretch goal was revealed to be four carbonite blocks because what’s a bounty hunter without his bounty, right? Given how fast the backers are coming in, I bet this unlock will be secured within the week.

I can’t wait to find out what the fourth stretch goal might be? I wonder if it could be the Heavy Mandalorian that was flying by the Razor Crest in the show? That would be so cool to get!

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