Halo 5 has to find a way come to PC somehow.

Last month, I covered how exciting it was to see that Halo 3: ODST was making its way to The Master Chief Collection on PC. And that PC gamers are finally going to experience the whole Halo package that they were denied to, all these years. 

With Halo 4 arriving by the end of the year, the only thing that will be missing is Halo 5 to complete the set. We had assumed that it was only a matter of time before it gets added, but it seems like that might not be the case anymore, which honestly sucks.

The missing piece that is Halo 5.

The question that I kept coming back to is why? Why not just add Halo 5 into The Master Chief Collection and call it a day. That would be the end of it all, and everyone would have an equal chance at experiencing everything about the mainline game. 

If you’re an Xbox user, you still have a chance to play the latest instalment via the Xbox GamePass; however, PC users are the ones who are getting screwed over here the most after years of waiting and still being told that you cannot cross over the finish line.

This information came to light in a recent blog post by 343 Industries that states, “This is the last Halo title we currently have planned for the collection (sorry to crush your Halo 5 in MCC dreams), so let’s finish strong!”

Sure, according to the quote, it doesn’t seem like that Halo 5 might never make it to the collection but then again let’s recall how long it took for the other Halo games to make it to the PC platform. In the best-case scenario, the game will get added to the collection after Halo Infinite releases down the line. As for the worst-case scenario, PC gamers will never get to experience Halo 5.

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