Miles Morales may be new, but he’s got moves.

Things haven’t been all that great for Insomniac, ever since they revealed their new Peter Parker earlier this month. People have been taking the unwanted change personally and voicing out their concerns on social media. Heck, even I didn’t care for the new look and was utterly annoyed by it, but it is what it is.

With their new Spider-Man: Miles Morales game coming in just less than a month, bad publicity is something they need to avoid if they want those sale numbers to get achieved. And what better way to do that than by revealing some exclusive footage that shows off how badass the game is?

Peter Parker and Miles Morales are back together!

The exclusive footage comes from Game Informer and sheds some captivating light on what we can expect to see in the game.

Right off the bat, we see Peter and Miles working together to save a police convoy from crashing. It’s probably also the first time we got proper confirmation of Peter being a part of this new game. I’m assuming this is how the game is going to start before it transitions over to Harlem with only Miles tacking care of things.

I love the subtle details that Insomniac has thrown in for Miles to differ him from Peter. At the start of the trailer, you can see Miles sliding off the wall and then choosing to use only one of his web-shooters while the hand firmly clutches against the wall, indicating that he’s not confident enough to let go.

The second half of the trailer reveals the first boss battle that Miles Morales has to face, and I love how Insomniac brought it to a full circle. If you recall, the last time Miles faces Rhino in the original game, all he did was run and hide for his dear life. Now, however, it becomes his duty to stop him. How cool is that?

The battle between the two was so satisfying to watch. The way Miles fights and dodges shows off more style than practicality and with the addition of his new powers to boot, the guy can seriously throw a punch! Another incredible detail during the fight is the callback to the good old days of the PS1 Spider-Man games that used power grids against Rhino to take him out.

All of these callbacks, reveals and subtle details of Spider-Man: Miles Morales are making me very eager to get my hands on it! November can’t come soon enough!

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