If you’ve been keeping up with the news of Insomniac’s Spider-Man Remastered, then you know that it’s not going so well for most fans. Like the fact that you won’t get an upgrade to the PS5 because its a standalone game and that your save data from the original game won’t be transferable over to the remastered, is just tragic.

Despite that, I think most people were still willing to give in and get the remastered version, including myself. Just because the original game was such a great experience and Insomniac did a terrific job of portraying Spidey. However, after what I just saw in the remastered trailer, I don’t imagine everyone’s going to be getting it now.

A necessary change in Spider-Man Remastered?

Don’t get me wrong; everything about the remastered version of the game looks fascinating. The gameplay trailer shows off how different and better it looks when you compare it to the original. The lightning, details and combat improvements are on par with the capabilities of the PlayStation 5.

The thing that most people are finding hard to wrap their head around is Peter Parker’s new look. And let’s be honest, I’m one of them as well. When I saw the trailer above, the only question screaming in my head was why? Why was this even necessary? Spider-Man Remastered is just that, a remaster of an existing game that requires no changes but improvements.

The worse part, it doesn’t even look good or natural. The original design of Peter, based on John Bubniak was perfect. Spidey in the game was to be older, struggling with life and yet compassionate in all things, and you can see that clearly from his facial expressions in the shot above. As for the new Peter, he looks like a pretty boy who is not in his 20s and heck looks younger than Miles Morales! There isn’t even any detailing on his face nor expressions.

Insomniac’s reply to the backlash.

To no one’s surprise, this new change didn’t sit well with a lot of fans. They have taken to Twitter to voice out their concerns with #BringBackBubniak. The backlash has been quite ugly to the point that forced Insomniac to explain themselves with regards to the change.

It’s clear Insomniac made the difficult decision after going through it a couple of times, but it does make one wonder. If Sony and Marvel had a hand in pushing for a Peter Parker face that’s weirdly reminiscent and on par with Tom Holland from MCU?

All we can do now is wait and see how things will unfold.

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