Earlier this week, Microsoft confirmed its purchase of Zenimax Media, the parent company of some the most famous game studios that have given us more than a few incredible game franchises. Games such as Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Doom and even Dishonored have garnered fans from all around and from various platforms. 

However, due to the sale and now it rightfully belonging to Microsoft, it is unclear how these franchises will move from here on out. The idea of these games being exclusive to Microsoft platforms only is not a far-fetched one, but one can only assume at this point of time.

Microsoft is enjoying itself!

As for Microsoft, they are having quite the fun with their purchase and honestly who won’t be in their shoes? To celebrate it, Microsoft has chosen a somewhat intriguing approach to reveal what’s next, instead of utilizing the conventional manner.

Earlier today, an interesting post came up on the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account. The post was an image of an email, that’s supposedly redacted to hide the information of the game title that’s coming next on the Game Pass.

The post also came with a very unsubtle message that stated, “Melissa said not to drop hints so we’re not dropping hints. there are absolutely no hints in this screenshot. don’t bother looking for them. there are none.”

So yep, the image undeniably contained hints from Microsoft, and people all around the world quickly got on to cracking it as fast as they could. The first hint appeared in the first letter of each sentence. If you placed all of the letters together, it eventually spelt out ‘Look below.’ 

The second hint indeed appeared below the content of the email and was only visible if the image’s contrast and brightness settings were changed around. And the message revealed was, ‘THE SLAYER IS COMING.’

I think we can safely assume that the Slayer is a reference to the Doomguy from Doom franchise. Which would mean that Doom Eternal, the latest game to have been released in the franchise, will be making it’s way to Xbox Game Pass soon?

One thing is for sure that it was way more fun to find out about a Microsoft reveal through clues than the usual press release. In the meantime, why not check out our review of Doom Eternal before trying it out by yourself when it undoubtedly arrives on the Xbox Game Pass?

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