Get ready the next Haunting; next month.

I’ve never truly enjoyed horror shows or movies in general. They often excel in scaring audiences and keeping them on their toes for the duration of the production. But after it ends, it becomes a memory that’s often forgotten. Howling Village, a Japanese horror movie based on an urban legend, went through a similar situation despite possessing a fascinating source material. You can check out our review of that film to see if it piques your interest.

The story element of these kinds of programs usually does not tend to have a massive impact at all. Even worse at times, it does not even focus on providing a decent storyline to back it up. One good example of a horrible plot in a horror production is Netflix’s #Alive, and you can find out more about it in our review.

And yet, The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix proved that it was possible to have a well-written story content that’s accompanied by a horror theme. The show was not overly frightening, but it did have its fair share of terrific scares. Despite that, it became one of the best horror show to date, due to its incredible take on the characters, their emotions and storytelling.

And once it ended, I wanted more of it, and thankfully Netflix had the right idea of turning The Haunting show into an anthology series.

Welcome to your next Haunting.

The Haunting of Bly Manor is the next story set in the anthology. Loosely based on a yet another eerie classic tale, Turn of the Screw, the show will be bringing us to the Bly Manor this time around. 

With new faces joining in and some famous old ones from the previous show, the story follows a governess, Dani, who gets hired to care for two orphaned children in the Manor, at the request of their uncle. As one can expect, the house has its very own fair share of dead residents that seem to have a close relationship with the children.

The overall trailer is creepy and yet very exciting. We even get to see several shots of the ghosts that Dani encounters, and it also seems like that ghosts might not be the only problem she faces because of a scene in the trailer that shows her tied up.

I can’t wait to watch this show, and luckily we only have to wait for just a few more weeks. The show will premiere exclusively on Netflix this October 9.

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