There probably isn’t a single person who hasn’t watched any of the movies from the Mission Impossible franchise. And I’m not saying that the films are all that terrific and flawlessly. I’m just saying that the reason we mostly enjoy it is because of the actor who plays the protagonist, Tom Cruise.

The charismatic actor who is already in his late 50s and still probably looks better than most of us has a massive array of fans all around the world. Despite his age, Cruise has always tried to do everything he can for his craft by performing his very own dangerous stunts in movies.

It’s his dedication to his passion that most fans find inspiring. And it’s always exciting to wait and see what kind of boundaries he tries to break next. Well, now we know.

Outer Space, say hello to Tom Cruise!

So it turns out, Cruise is breaking everyone’s expectation by heading to space for his next movie. It is unclear just what the film is about but just let that fact sink in for a minute because I’m genuinely impressed with this man who is trying to always push for more in his life.

According to the Space Shuttle Almanac Twitter account that posted the flight manifest, it reveals that both Tom Cruise and the director of the movie Edge of Tomorrow, Doug Liman, will be making their way to space in October 2021. The space shuttle still has one more empty spot as well, which I can only assume will go to another cast member of the film.

It is unclear if the movie is going to get filmed during the trip at this time. However, the idea of travelling to space for a film is already quite an achievement itself.

I wonder if the movie will be another instalment in the Mission Impossible franchise? Mission Impossible: Trouble in Space.

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