It’s time to get back into hunting monsters in Monster Hunter Rise!

Monster Hunter Rise is revamping the series by building upon on the existing elements that make Monster Hunter the game it is today. The formula of Monster Hunter games are somewhat straightforward; you hunt beasts for materials to create strong armours that allow you to battle even tougher monsters and continue the cycle.

The game’s formula works fine, but as time passes by it can become considerably stagnant. Capcom knows this all too well and is making changes to the game that will give players a very much needed change of pace.

Monster Hunter Rise changes things up.

The most significant addition to the game is the Wirebug hunting tool that allows players to traverse environments with ease and also incorporate it into battle to dodge enemy strikes while performing combo attacks. This added mobility to the character is an extremely welcomed change to the game as it opens more possibilities of exploration and combat.

Monster Hunter Rise is also changing up the way you travel to various locations. Tired of climbing up vines and running to places as your stamina continuously depletes? Well, not any more thanks to the new inclusion of canyne companions to the game called Palamutes.

In the game, players will get to ride on their Palamute, a giant dog-like creature, to travel around environments without the restriction of stamina. You’ll also be able to use them to assist you during battles just like your cat-like Palico companions.

If you’re an immense fan of the Monster Hunter series, then you’ll appreciate this new experience that the game has to offer. Monster Hunter Rise will be coming to the Nintendo Switch next year on March 26 and pre-orders for the various editions of the game have officially gone up.

For more information on the pre-orders, please click here to visit the official site.

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