Even Robert Pattinson, who plays Batman is not safe; from COVID-19.

Last month, Matt Reeves revealed to the public ‘The Batman’ trailer that blew our minds. It was so good, and it just made us want more of it! The fact that the trailer consisted of only 25 per cent of the shooting that had been done; was impressive. And the portrayal of Batman by Robert Pattinson in the trailer put a lot of minds and brought smiles to fans around.

The production of The Batman film resumed this month after a long hiatus since March due to COVID-19. However, things didn’t go as planned.

Robert Pattinson falls ill.

Just days after the production resumed, Warner Brothers announced that production had halted due to a member of the crew being tested positive for COVID-19. News spread like wildfire as the public tried to figure out who the person was, and in this age, nothing stays hidden. The titular star himself, Robert Pattinson, was the victim.

It is unclear how or when the star had been infected, but it raises some real concerns for everyone and especially for the industry. Is it truly safe to continue production when things are still dire despite every precaution adhered? Sure, jobs and careers are at stake but so is life.

People have taken to Twitter to wish the star a healthy recovery, while others are using it as a weird wake up call to let everyone know how to wear masks correctly because Batman wears it wrongly. Get it? It certainly is a strange time to be living in.

As of this moment, the cast and crew and Robert Pattinson have been quarantined for two weeks as contact tracing progress. Due to this, the production may be delayed even further as the situation progresses. In the meantime, we can only hope that everyone remains healthy and safe.

It is kind of ironic in a weird sort of way. The man playing a character dressed as a bat, gets infected by a disease that may originate from one…

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