The DC FanDome has finally concluded, and it was a blast! DC’s first-ever virtual event was a tremendous success with astounding reveals and insider information! 

I’m glad to see DC finally taking the right steps towards its overall franchise by listening to their fans. There were so many things that caught us by surprise, but there were some things that just stood out. Here are three things that blew our minds during DC FanDome!

Gotham Knights.

First up, WB Games Montréal’s reveal of their newest game at DC FanDome, Gotham Knights!

It feels like it’s been forever since WB games started teasing the game and forcibly increased our anticipation. However, it was worth the wait well at least for me.

When someone says ‘Batman’, we tend to focus only on the man himself instead of the Batfamily as a whole. Which is understandable, given his popularity, but I’ve always liked how the Batfamily is Batman’s ultimate contingency plan. And it’s what WB games’ plan seems to be as well.

We are finally getting a game based on the Batfamily coming together after the death of Batman. You’ll be able to play as Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood as characters in the game. I wonder if Damien (Batman’s biological son) will make an appearance eventually?

The antagonist of the game primarily seems to focus on the elusive and cunning Court of Owls. The courts generally is a secret organization that ran everything in Gotham in the comics that eventually faced off with the Dark Knight.

It makes you wonder if Bruce’s supposed death was just another plan to lure out the Court of Owls? If so, the Batfamily is going to be so pissed off against Bruce, as always.

Suicide Squad.

Secondly, Rocksteady’s trailer reveal of their newest game at DC FanDome, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League!

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t that interested when the images of the game were leaked showing Superman as a target. The Suicide Squad are generally a comedic bunch that’s capable of your everyday destruction if they decide to do it.

However, taking out Superman is definitely out of their league. It seems the developers agreed with it. When I saw the trailer, I was starting to enjoy every minute of it. Sure, it’s not precisely gameplay, but the content was what mattered. The comedic exchange, the music and the horror on their faces when they finally knew that Superman was their target, really sold me on the game.

It also got me thinking, who would be Batman in this game?

Since the game is in the Arkamverse universe and continuing the storyline, then who is Batman? We know from Batman: Arkham VR that Dick Grayson is dead and Bruce Wayne is under the influence of the Joker through his infected blood.

So it’s unlikely those two will be donning the cape unless the developers choose to ignore the events of the VR game. Whoever it maybe, hopefully, it gets addressed instead of being retcon through a soft reboot.

I, for one, can’t wait to try out this game and enjoy it!

The Batman.

Lastly, Matt Reeves’ teaser reveal of his newest movie at DC FanDome, The Batman!

Before DC FanDome kicked off, Matt Reeves teased fans with the logo of his upcoming movie. It was well-received by fans, and many were hoping that it meant that we were getting a trailer of sorts during the virtual event.

And to our surprise, we got a teaser for The Batman movie, and gosh it was amazing! The teaser, intelligently crafted to showcase what the movie represented; a noir detective tale. We finally got to see the Batsuit in action, and I must say it’s looking amazing! It captures the aesthetic of a Batman still growing in his field, really well.

The most powerful scene that sold the movie to the fans was the beatdown of the thug. It was such a badass scene that I’ve rewatched it a couple of times now! I’m truly excited for the movie now, and I’m comfortable knowing that it’s safe in the hand of Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson.

2021 needs to come sooner!

I can’t wait for 2021 to get my hands on these games and watch such a masterful movie! It’s going to be a great year for DC fans, and there’s so much more coming! Are you as excited as we are?

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