Who doesn’t love it when we get more updates regarding The Batman movie?

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has its share of debacles over the years. Such as splitting up fans over the fact that Batfleck kills baddies, which I for one was horrified! Like the time, when the Justice League movie was ruined by Joss Whedon because he wanted it to be hilariously lame? The list keeps going on, and the Fans of DC kept facing disappointment.

However, everything took a turn for the better when DC announced that Matt Reeves was going to direct the next Batman film. Many were we disappointed that it wasn’t Ben Affleck reprising the role. However, the fact that it will be set apart from the current DCEU was cause for joy.

The Batman that will save the DCEU?

Earlier last year, Matt Reeves started production on The Batman, and many were doubtful with his choice of cast. Robert Pattinson was to be the next Batman, and people were freaking out of joy and fear!

I was from the latter, but I decided to wait to see how it will play out before hating on it. And it did pay off when we got a screen test showing off Pattinson in the new suit! The suit was not something that we were used to, but it was beautiful!

The Bat Symbol.

Fast forward a year later, the Batman has been the talk of the town. With photo leaks from the set to speculation of the Court of Owls being part of the film, it never ends! And now with just a few days left to DC FanDome, Matt Reeves decided to make the wait a little less exhausting.

Matt Reeves teased the fans on twitter, by posting the official The Batman logo for the film earlier today. If he had expected that it would lead to creating attention, then he was right. 

Fans are going crazy over it, and I’m enjoying the new look of Bat Symbol as well! It closely resembles the logo on the new Batsuit, and the red lighting for the poster makes it so much more menacing.

DC FanDome!

Matt Reeves also posted another astonishing picture of an artwork based on The Batman, which was drawn by Jim Lee! The Batsuit looks badass in the drawing, and it also serves as a teaser of what to expect DC FanDome.

The DC FanDome, is meant to be a virtual comic-con for DC Fans all around the world and the best part? It’s all free, anyone can visit it, and you won’t have to wait too long either! The virtual event will be starting on Sunday (Singapore Time) and will last for 24 hours only! 

Did I mention that The Rock will be there too?

So be sure to make time, if you don’t want to miss out the reveals on some major DC contents! Such as more first looks of Matt Reeves’ The Batman and also of Ezra Miller’s The Flash

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