Experience the universe of Tom Clancy through Elite Squad.

If you’re a gamer by nature then along the way, you will eventually encounter a Tom Clancy game at some point in your life. I know I just made that sound like you’re finding a Pokémon, but I’m not joking when I say that there’s tons of it out there! And like most gamers, I don’t think I’ve even played them all either. 

One of the coolest things about Tom Clancy games is they are all connected in one universe. Game developers have always used this to their advantage to bring different characters from different games together. Earlier this month, Rainbow Six Seige achieved that by bringing Sam Fisher into their game.

Now imagine how badass it would be if some decided to bring all of these characters together in just one game? Well, guess what? Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad precisely did that!

What is Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad?

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, is Ubisoft’s newest action RPG game for Android and iOS. The game brings you most of the heroes and villains that you’ve grown to know over the years through various Tom Clancy games and pits them together against a terrifying adversary. 

Ubisoft’s list of characters is pretty vast that contain iconic characters like Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, Nomad from Ghost Recon, Caveira from Rainbow Six and so much more. Even characters from the Hawx and EndWar games have made it into the game which a definite plus.

You’ll be able to create your Elite Squad with any five characters from the list; however, nothing is ever easy when it comes to mobile games. The grind of getting those characters will take you time and effort that is the norm in these types of game. So if you’re hoping to get in the game and get your hands on Sam Fisher immediately, then I’m sorry to break to you that’s not happening.

The Difference.

Elite Squad plays like every other mobile game that has to do with collecting characters, upgrading them and using them to do battle in PVE and PVP. Players familiar with games like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and Marvel: Strike Force on mobile, will find everything pretty much the same.

The only significant difference is that the game adopts a real-time strategy gameplay approach instead of your usual turn-based strategy. Now, this is the biggest issue. Due to this approach, the game becomes less about being involved and instead just going through the motions. 

During battles, the player contributes by deploying combat orders like Focus Fire and Air Strike to aid their characters in the fight. There are more tactics available, but you can only choose two in a battle. Overall, if the player prefers to do nothing and has a decent group of characters, he’ll still be able to win the encounter. The lack of involvement of the player in battles will eventually lead you to look for something a bit more engaging.

Why not?

Sure, over time you might get bored of it and look for something more, but isn’t that fate of most mobile games? Right now, Elite Squad is an intriguing step to what this game could lead to or become in the future.

I’m not the type to enjoy real-time strategy games; however, even I’m finding myself spending a couple of hours messing around with it. If nothing else, it’s a great way to pass the time and experiment with different group combinations.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is available right now on Android and iOS. For more information, click here to visit the official site.

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