Yup, you heard it right! Nintendo’s wacky critters are coming to online shopping site Shopee and they’re available…RIGHT NOW! That’s right folks… Pokemon Center Singapore is now online with tons of Pokemon merchandise up for purchase!

Everything from plush toys, clothes, home goods, stationery, and more are on the Shopee Mall store, so you don’t even need to head over to Jewel at Changi Airport to get your Pokemon fix.

Shop the new online store and get some pretty cool freebies, like a Pokemon Clear Folder and Clear Card with every order. Free stuff is always welcome, yeah?

Other mechandise from the Pokemon Store Singapore are also launching online, including the Pikachu with Lapras poncho (which is exclusive to Pokemon Center Singapore) and the Pikachu with Celebi poncho.

pokemon center singapore

There are also special 1st-anniversary merchandise such as double pocket folder and towels from the Pokemon Store Singapore going up for sale if you’re a collector who’s into unique stuff.

My pick of the bunch has to be the life-sized Psyduck plush that’s going up for preorder! I’ve always been a fan of Psyduck ever since I saw Misty with it and now I can finally get a life-sized version!

pokemon center singapore

If you want the psycho duckie plushie, you have to act fast though as the preorders end on July 5 at 2359hrs. That’s this Sunday night if you’re wondering.

The store’s running a free delivery promo to entice buyers too; spend a minimum of SG$25 and you get your stuff with no delivery charges. Shopee customers also get 10% cashback on all purchases (until 30 September 2020), and new users can use voucher code POKESHOP10 for SG$10 off with a minimal spending of SG$20.

Not bad deals at all, eh?

All you need to do is click this link and you’re good to go!

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