Remember our slew of announcements from about a month back? Turns out Dell is not done with their announcements just yet as they’ve announced yet another slew of products late last week.

New announcements include new G series laptops in the G7 range (suspiciously missing from the last announcement) and a couple of monitors and keyboard which we’ll take a look.

Dell G7 15/17

In what is perhaps the more major of product announcements is the reveal of the new Dell G7. The new G7 series will come in both flavors, a 15-inch and a 17-inch variant with the bigger variant sporting a maximum of a full fat RTX2070 Super while the smaller variant gets the RTX 2070 Max-Q instead.

The chassis doesn’t seem to have changed much compared to the new G3 or G5 however, featuring the exact same design with a 4-zone lighting keyboard. While not specifically stated, these laptops should come with the same panel selection (including the 300Hz panel option) as its younger brothers.


The new monitors that they’ve shown off are of the Dell moniker and is interestingly not just more details about the previous snippet of information about Alienware branded monitors.

The Dell S2721HGF is a curved, 27-inch 1080p VA panel that supports your now-standard 144Hz refresh rate. The press release also notes a “revamped gaming-inspired design” which we’ll have to see if we do get this monitor for review.

The other is a more of your standard affair; a Dell 27-inch, 1440p IPS panel(S2721DGF) that supports the HDR400 spec along with both Freesync and Gsync technologies. Do note that it does state “Gsync compatible” which means that the standard isn’t actually verified by Nvidia themselves, though.

With an even higher 165Hz refresh rate and a grey-to-grey response time of 1ms, these specs sure seem impressive for buyers looking for both a color accurate display for work and a highly responsive monitor for gaming.


Interestingly, Dell also announced a new gaming desktop to their G series lineup with the G5 Desktop. Catering towards the mid-range of the spectrum, this desktop will support the latest 10th Generation Ice lake CPUs along with graphics cards within the RX5600 range of performance; perfect for people looking for a 1080p setup.


Dell also announced a new Alienware keyboard (AW410K), packed full with features that will compete in the top end of the spectrum. This full-sized keyboard will come with Cherry MX Brown switches with per-key RGB and a full NKRO input to boot! This will pretty much tick all the checkboxes of any perspective buyer looking for a gaming keyboard.

Pricing and Availability

Accompanying this announcement is also their latest availability and pricing details straight from the press release itself.

ProductAvailability in SingaporeStarting Price (SGD)
Dell G7 15 (7500) Gaming Laptop14 JulyFrom $2499
Dell G7 17 (7700) Gaming Laptop14 JulyFrom $2499
Dell G5 Gaming Desktop21 JulyFrom $1999
Alienware RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (AW410K)4 August$269
Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor (S2721HGF)21 August$399
Dell 27 Gaming Monitor (S2721DGF)28 July$689

Via Dell press release

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