Today, Dell dropped a bombshell announcement with a bevy of new products that are going to be launched soon from now till somewhere in June. While manufacturers like Gigabyte have beaten them to the punch in this year’s revision, don’t count them out just yet!

Let’s get right to it!

Dell XPS Revision

First up, we have the new XPS 15 showcased in CES this year; now with a slightly more powerful GPU and sound system compared to the last revision. While it appears that nothing much has changed under the hood, you can now get up to 8 CPU cores for better multitasking performance with the i7-10875H or the even more powerful i9-10885H coming post-launch.

Dell’s new XPS 15 is now available to buy starting today at the local starting price of $3,199 SGD.

Finally, Dell also announced a brand new 17” version of the Dell XPS that comes with better hardware to boot. It appears Frank Azor might just be listening to consumer requests after all as consumers have called for Dell to put in beefier GPUs in this series for about 2 years now.

According to the spec sheet, they’ll be using the full, non Max-Q variant of the RTX 2060 and bumping the weight up to 2.51Kg to keep the beefier internals cool.

It would be interesting to see the cooling performance on this model as Dell has traditionally been very careful about thermals in their XPS series. They must be quite confident in it’s cooling capability by not using a Max-Q variant to limit the voltage and heat output.

Dell Alienware Revision


The Alienware M series will also be receiving a new coat of paint with even better cooling and the usual update to their CPU and GPU; It is now equipped with Intel’s 10th Gen CPUs alongside the mobile variants of last year’s RTX SUPER GPUs that is bound to bring performance up a notch.

The Dell M15 R3 will come with an SD card slot!

Other minor tweaks and improvements to the computer are also in the cards including the ever nice-to-have SD card slot (Woo!) and a new optional 300Hz panel that is frankly overkill but cool.

According to the spec sheet, configurations with the higher spec’d GPUs, that is anything other than the offered GTX 1650Ti or Radeon RX 5500M, will receive the improved vapor chamber cooling which is great news for anyone looking to pick up the laptop.

Curiously, this revision will also not use any Max-Q design chips save for the RTX 2080 SUPER on the highest end; meaning that users can expect full performance from the mobile chipsets and a modest improvement of about 10% when compared to their Max-Q counterparts from the previous revision.

For those that really need more power, the highest end Alienware Area 51-m laptop will also be getting some new bells and whistles.

Unlike its slimmer and more modest cousins, this beastly desktop-replacement is coming in with the full RTX 2080 SUPER chip (with lower configs available, of course) without any voltage restrictions along with running up to the full i9-10900k Desktop processor with a myriad of storage and display configurations too long to list.

Gaming PCs

Dell is also taking this chance to update their gaming PCs with the very-new 10th generation Comet Lake processors in the form of the Alienware Aurora R11. As with many custom PCs, you can sell your kidneys to equip this PC up to the i9-10900KF processor, 64Gb of memory at 3200Mhz and even custom liquid cooling for your GPU if you prefer.

Check out the site for more details!

Alienware Monitors

Dell didn’t forget about their Alienware branded monitor series either, there will be a new 25” gaming monitor coming this Fall without any mention of a price tag; only the fact that it is in the works.

A few stock photos have been released by Dell without any details on the technical specifications – only the fact that the new monitor has a model number AW2521HF. Judging by the model number, it appears to be a smaller-sized brother of the high refresh rate monitor released last year, the AW2720HF.

Dell G series Revision

Oh no, even the RGB bling has gotten onto the G series laptops!

Last but not least, we have the latest revision to the G series laptop; one of which I covered last year(here). Dell has decided not to refresh the G7 for now and instead refreshed their smaller cousins, the G3 and G5.

As seen during CES this year (remember the times when international events would happen?), you can now buy a full AMD setup with Ryzen and Navi under the “Special Edition” moniker that will come equipped with up to the Ryzen 9 4900H and the RX 5600M GPU.

For Intel and Nvidia lovers, the series has been refreshed with 10th generation CPUs and now goes up to the RTX 2070 Max-Q on the CPU side.

For both variations, an optional high-refresh rate 144Hz panel is also available as a configuration option if you so choose.

Design wise, it seems that the chassis has also changed quite a bit with the body looking slightly slimmer than before and a revert back to the classic clamshell laptop design.

Dell Migrate

Dell, being the all encompassing solutions integrator that it is, is also pushing out a new piece of software migration tool that’ll come in handy for those that want to transfer their entire drive to their new Dell device.

According to their key excerpt, we can expect the following features to be within Dell Migrate:

Customers can migrate data and settings from any Windows 8 PC, regardless of manufacturer, to their new Dell Alienware, G Series, Inspiron and XPS systems:

– Users can work and play on the new Dell PC while the data migration happens

– No additional equipment is required

– Dell Migrate discovers data in locations beyond the normal directory and migrates it

– There is no limit to how much data you can migrate

– The tool provides real-time estimates of how much drive space will be used before migration begins

– Customizable drive mapping helps you easily consolidate data onto your new machine

– The process is easy and automated with no restart required

– Users can work and play on the new Dell PC while the data migration happens

Undoubtedly, there isn’t anything too special with regards to Dell’s own data migration software except making it a tad easier with no reboots required (Even for cloning the C drive?). This is likely aimed towards enterprise users that want an integrated transfer solution without the hassle of meddling with third-party software.

Dell Migrate will be available for download for $39 USD through their SupportAssistant software.

Unfortunately, Dell Migrate appears to be for US customers only so I guess the Asia demographic is missing out on this. No big deal, but it would’ve been nice for users that need something like this here.


As usual, Dell has not confirmed with us the exact pricing of all available models from this announcement. Hence, my best guess in SGD will be written as follows with the official USD pricing in parenthesis when applicable.

ModelStarting Price (SGD)Availability
XPS 15$3,19914 May
XPS 17$3,499 ($1,499 USD)12 June
Alienware Area 51m R2$4,499 ($3,049 USD)9 June
Alienware m15 R3$3,79921 May
Alienware m17 R3$3,89921 May
Alienware Aurora R11$2,69913 May (additional configs available 28 May)
Alienware 25” Gaming MonitorTBDFall 2020
Dell G3$1600 ($779 USD)21 May
Dell G5$1700 ($829 USD)21 May

Via Dell Press Release

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