Just days after writing about the awesome Sierra the Third bundle (which features a ton of awesome games at a great price), there’s another great bundle that’s come out from Humble Bundle; it’s the Humble Indie Bundle 21!

It’s a pretty special bundle, as these Indie Bundles are pretty rare and only come along in a blue moon. To make up for that rarity, the Indie bundles are usually filled with great indie games. It’s right there in the name, yeah?

It’s understandable if you’re hesitant; after all, most indie games are undoubtedly crap. Still, like AAA games, there are definite gems in the indie pile if you look hard enough…and a couple of them are in this bundle!

The Humble Indie 21 bundle starts off at a paltry US$1 (which nets you Beat Cop, Dustforce DX and Hotline Miami) and goes up right to a measly US$15.

I particularly recommend Beat Cop (which I reviewed last year), Gato Roboto (if you like Metrovania) and Starbound (if you love exploration and crafting like Terraria). Like other bundles, the games you get are based on which tier you pay for, with the highest US$15 tier netting you EVERYTHING.

Even better, there are still games yet to be revealed! These will only be shown in about a week’s time but if you’ve already bought the US$15 tier or the Beat the Average tier, you’ll get them as soon as they become available.

See? There’s really no reason to wait!

Also like always, proceeds from the bundle can go any way you choose; charity, the developers or the good folks at Humble Bundle.

So what are you waiting for? Delve into that crusty wallet and pony up some cash for the bundle because even a potato PC can run all of the games that’s in the bundle!

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