In a move that you’d never have seen coming if this was 2019, Razer has stepped up to the plate and are producing surgical masks. That in itself isn’t surprising as we’ve know about it for a while.

What is is that the mask are now finally ready for prime time.

After a quiet few weeks chugging away making them in local factories, the gaming hardware company’s finally making the goods available for purchase. Taking a page from drug dealers the world over, the first one’s free…but there’s a catch. There’s always a catch.

You’re going to have to download the Razer Pay app and register before you can get one. Once your account’s confirmed, all you have to do is flash your smartphone (with the free coupon you got from verification) at the QR reader on the vending machines and you’ll get your free mask.

No fuss, no muss…but I reckon it’s going to be a pass for the older folks who don’t want to jump through hoops to get a free mask.

Sadly, the masks Razer makes look like your garden variety ones.

There aren’t any lights that pulsate hypnotically and there’s no customization options to speak of. In fact, it’s not even using the company’s recognizable green and black color scheme.

Ok…that’s sarcasm if you can’t tell. Or maybe it isn’t?

The masks (along with the vending machine that house them), will be deployed throughout the island before the ‘circuit breaker’ period ends. 20 of the machines are slated to be stationed all over the island, though the locations are still a mystery.

While everybody gets one free mask, that’s nowhere near enough. That’s why you can also buy more masks if you desire. Pricing’s not available, but we don’t think it’ll be expensive at all.

We’ll update when we find out where the hell they are so you guys can try them out for yourselves.

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