Apple might not be considered a gaming company by anybody in their right mind (every single gaming initiative they’ve tried has flopped) but that’s not stopping the tech giant from trying over and over again. Case in point; their acquisition of NextVR.

The deal’s reportedly worth US$100 million, which is probably a teeny drop in the money bank for Apple.

NextVR, known for their VR broadcast videos (particularly with the NBA), is a mighty weird pick for the company…or a very savvy one. After all, out of the tech giants (Samsung, Sony, Microsoft) only Apple is without a stake in the AR/VR department. Samsung has their Gear VR (which admittedly has since gone MIA), Sony has their PS VR and Microsoft has the HoloLens.

It doesn’t take much of a leap to see where this is going; Apple’s definitely going to venture into the VR/AR space sometime in the near future. Hell, according to a report, Apple’s even gone as far as asking NextVR’s engineers to relocate to Cupertino, where Apple HQ is. Why go to all that trouble if nothing’s brewing, eh?

As for NextVR, their homepage is now cryptically empty except for a short statement.


New direction eh? Now isn’t that very interesting?

Considering that NextVR has been thus far only doing passive entertainment VR (like broadcasting and videos), a new direction might mean that Apple’s tasking them into making VR games and/or creating a new headset that would incorporate the iPhone in some capacity.

With NextVR’s expertise in broadcasting, it might even be thinking of amping up its Apple TV service, making use of the company’s experience to offer customers experiences other streaming services don’t.

Of course, I’m just musing here but it’ll definitely be interesting to see what comes out of this acquisition. Then again…it might just come to nothing.

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