Samsung never does anything half assed, do they? Not only did they release the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, they also released the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and of course, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

I’ve reviewed some nifty phones from Samsung and a few other companies, but I got to admit, I’m still most impressed by Samsung’s output annually.

In this review, I managed to get my hands on the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G for a round of tests and, boy oh boy, I’m in love all over again!

First Impression.

Let me start this off by saying that I had already decided to change my two year old Samsung Galaxy S9+ to the Galaxy S20+. I have prepared to do so once the telcos are open after 1st June. I had bought the cover in preparation.

Then… The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G arrived by courier and I took it out of the box. My. Heart. Dropped.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Look at it! Just look at it. Why oh why is it so sexy? Why oh why does it feel so good in my hands?

What is the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G?

The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, together with the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+, claims to be “the phone that will change photography.” The 5G would also change the way that we share our pictures and videos.

The rear cameras of the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G are equipped with 108.0 MP. This means that you are able to zoom in without compromising on the quality. They also almost tripled the sensor size so that their Night Mode has improved.

The front camera had also undergone a change and is now 40MP which means that your selfies would look great and it would shift to 10MP for low-light selfies. Say whut!

Let’s move on to the nitty-gritty details, shall we?

All Samsung phones are available at all our telcos and some retail stores. If you would prefer to buy from Samsung themselves; here are the prices:

  • Galaxy S20 is priced at $1, 298.00 (comes with Microsoft 365 Personal Subscription + Samsung Wireless Charger Stand worth $226 in total)
  • Galaxy S20+ is priced at $1, 498.00 (comes with Microsoft 365 Personal Subscription + Samsung Wireless Charger Stand worth $226 in total)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra is priced at $1, 898 (comes with Microsoft 365 Personal Subscription + Samsung 24″ FHD Monitor worth $296 in total)

Now, on to the specs of the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

It comes in two colours; cosmic gray or cosmic black. Pretty average colours and to be honest, not the most exciting.

Dimensions: 166.9 x 76.0 x 8.8 mm

Weight: 220 g

Screen Size: 6.9″ full rectangle / 6.7″ rounded corners

CPU: Octa Core

RAM Size: 12GB

Available Memory Size: 104.0 GB

External Memory Support: MicroSD (Up to 1TB)

Rear Camera: 108.0 MP + 12.0 MP + 48.0 MP + VGA / Hybrid Optic Zoom at 10x, Digital Zoom up to 100x

Battery: 5000mAh

The Benchmarks.

Now, before I move on to my raving review, let’s look through the tests.

One of the claims that Samsung made is the display is now at 120Hz which makes for a super fast, precise touch response. This in turn delivers a more reactive gaming experience.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
3DMark results

Now, when I compare the 3DMark results for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, I have to say I am impressed. Not only is it the highest that I have seen among all the phones I have reviewed, it beats out the ROG Phone II. Remember that phone? That phone is purported to be the phone for gaming.

Now what about the work score?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Once more guys, say wow. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G gives the highest results compared to all the phones I have reviewed, which also includes the Galaxy Z Flip.

The Galaxy Z Flip score comes in at 9774 while the Galaxy S20 Ultra is at 10, 476. That’s close to a 10% increase which might seem small but let me tell you, you can ‘see’ the difference.

Then, there’s the battery life. Again, the battery is averaging at 5000mAh, pretty normal stuff. More than the Galaxy Z Flip but still okay. However, here’s the catch. Samsung claims that the batteries “adjust to your mobile habits to optimise power and last way longer on a single charge.”

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Now the battery test does support that claim in a way as I look through my past reviews. 14 hours is basically your full day out at work, including travel time too. To be perfectly honest? I charged the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G once to 100% then put it through the tests and at the end of it, still had about 20% left afterwards.

While you can take it with a grain of salt (your choice, boo), I finished charging at about 3pm and at about 10:39am (time shown on the battery test result), you can clearly see the battery level there.

The Performance

Here is where I get really excited for… Now, the usage of the phone itself is… foolproof. Samsung makes excellent, idiotproof phones.

Transferring your data to your new phone, registering your fingerprints and the set-up are so clearly guided that I marvel at anyone who says, I don’t understand how to use Samsung. Sis, what???

I played a couple of games on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. While I did not screen-record, I did manage to pin down a few impressions which are:

  • love how clear the graphics are
  • the touch response was certainly there as I was able to maneuver my character and kill opponents easily lol
  • I played the Asphalt 9: Legends – Epic Arcade Car Racing Game and it had my heart trilling

Then comes the camera… my, oh my, my favourite!

The first photo I took, of course, had no zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Hi, the colours? Look at the contrast on greens on the plants! The different shades of blues of the sky and, hello, there pretty colours of the reservoir! I am not going to lie, though, this reminded me for the Vivo Phones that I reviewed a few months back. The picture quality is just as excellent.

Next up, the wide-angle.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Okay, can I be honest here? The wide-angle had me kinda amused. When you look at the bottom and top part of the photo, it has certainly ‘pulled’ the photo wider. One thing for sure is that you can the shades of green of the trees, which I just love.

Now, for the 5x zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

The 5x zoom brought us to the opposite of the reservoir. One thing is for sure is that, you can see the colours on the opposite side! It might be zoomed in but the colours is not compromised. The green on the building, that orange building and can you see the shade of off-white at the background!?

Next feature I tried was of course, the Single Take. Now, the Single take basically means for a 10 second consecutive shot, you will get back a variety of formats. It’s up to you which to share!

All these was taken with Single Take! I especially love the panorama shot! Which is your favourite?

The Bottom Line

Do I have to say it? I am in love. I am torn. I don’t know what I should do *cries*.

Of course, this loyal gal will recommend Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Why would I not?

The specs of the phone, the usability and the sleekness of its look makes it such a dear. The size is bigger but, let’s be real, most phones are moving towards bigger sizes and we just have to get onboard. There’s also the added bonus of easier watching of your dramas.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G has me regretting my decision. It has me rethinking. Should I or should I not get this? Should I proceed with Galaxy S20+ or go for this? Someone help!!

Occasional Writer for The Technovore. Usually go by Ms Siti in my daily life.