One step closer to an Augmented Reality future.

In news that nobody expected, Microsoft’s just unveiled their latest Hololens augmented reality headset; the Hololens 2.

The original Microsoft Hololens was a mighty impressive augmented reality headset when Microsoft showed it off years back in 2016. It showed off exciting uses of the AR software, such as playing Minecraft and other nifty features.

To this date, I’m still awaiting a commercial mass produced version of the headset to buy. Sure, there’s a developer’s version that’s USD$3,000 but that’s way above my price range.

I’m thinking that’s actually one of the reasons Microsoft is releasing the Hololens 2, which boasts to be everything the Hololens was but better in every way.

The new Hololens has a bigger field of view, meaning you get to see more of your surroundings in AR. On top of that, the Hololens 2 comes with better tech; eye tracking and iris scanning. What that means is that you get to login to the headset just using your iris via iris recognition while the Hololens 2 can give you AR info of what you’re looking at by tracking your eyeballs.

That’s not the end of the new upgrades either. There are also improved microphones installed in the headset now, so it can hear your commands better. It also includes better hand recognition and tracking technology, so that it can register your hand movements even better.

Finally, Microsoft’s also improved the form factor. The company claims that wearing the headset (made out of plastic and carbon fibre) is as comfortable now as wearing your favourite hat.

Sadly, the Hololens 2 is still priced exorbitantly high for us normal people. It’s going to go for USD$3,500 when it releases later this year, which is waaaaaaay out of the price range for most people.

For more details, hit up Microsoft’s blog to get the lowdown.

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