Ok sure, maybe Google Chrome isn’t the most secure browser around…especially if you’re using a ton of extensions. That doesn’t mean these ads by Google aren’t funny as hell though!

There are two of them based off two different movies with equally iconic scenes. One’s from the beginning of Scream, while other’s from Psycho (not the iconic shower scene though).

Here’s the Scream version of the Google ad:

It’s a pretty decent homage to the original scene, embedded below.

The other version of the ad is more obscure, needing you to be versed in the arcane arts of horror movies. It’s black and white and is based off the classic Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film, Psycho.

Here’s the Google version of it.

Now here’s the original from the movie.

Both Google ads are pretty damn awesome, though I wish they’d do more. I’d love to see one based on Alien (the chestburster scene would be awesome), The Thing or Event Horizon.

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