In just a mere 1h 15 minutes at the time of writing, Sony’s Mark Cerny is geared to reveal more details of the next generation PlayStation console.

What to expect?

I think this is Sony’s chance to present some more details about the upcoming console despite the ongoing Corona global crisis cancelling E3 this year. Though according to the stream description, it is unlikely that it will have anything to do with the marketable side of the console and more of a technical showcase.

PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.

According to previous press-only impressions last year, the PS5 is set to have pretty fast SSD storage along with a myriad of other features to set it apart from Microsoft’s competition. I wouldn’t be surprised is Sony also took this opportunity to announce some game line-ups in lieu of the E3 conference so look out for that in this stream.


No doubt with the onset of each generation, it remains to be seen if there are any technical qualities that make Sony stand out from the competition. With AMD once again providing hardware for both companies, the rendering capabilities may once again be comparable so this technical difference will have to come from somewhere else.

What is Sony’s “secret sauce” this generation? I guess we’ll have to wait an hour to find out!

As of current time, a whopping 15,000 viewers are watching it live right now.You can watch the conference with the link below:

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