It seems like the Ubisoft hype machine is working full time again ahead of Warlords of New York‘s launch early next month.

Already, the expansion for The Division 2 has been given a TON of coverage by Ubisoft and it looks like the PR overdrive is set to continue.

The latest salvo comes in the form of an animated short starring everybody’s favourite rogue S.H.D agent, Aaron Keener.

Keener’s recruiting some new allies, comprising of First Wave Rogue S.H.D. agents. Looks like you’ll be battling some familiar faces in Warlords of New York too, with the Cleaners and Rikers gang shown in the video. Funny, I’d thought with the leaders dead, they’d disband or something…shows what I know.

Even Agent Lao makes a cameo near the end.

Ok, so it doesn’t do much if you’ve not played either The Division or its sequel, but for those of us who have (like me), the animated movie’s pumped me up to return to NYC to clean house…again.

Warlords of New York launches on March 3.

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