It’s been a while since we heard of anything substantial about the The Division 2. That’s why I was pretty surprised to check out my inbox this morning and see this little nugget of info hiding inside.

It seems like Ubisoft’s been quietly working away at what seems to be the biggest content update yet to the The Division 2, one they’re calling Warlords of New York.

From the title, it’s definitely safe to say that this will be taking SHD agents back to New York, the site of the first game. If you’ve played the original game, you knew that it ended on a sour note; the bad guy managed to get away.

Weirdly, that issue’s still unresolved as The Division 2 took the plot in a different direction for its main story. Looks like Ubisoft’s finally ready to go back to the original plot and tie up loose ends.

Yep, Warlords of New York will have you on the hunt for Aaron Keener, the rogue SHD agent behind most of what happened in the original. Keener’s now leading a unit of other rogue SHD agents, and it seems like you’re going to have to take them down to get a shot at the big man himself.

Warlords of New York won’t give you the original map but instead limit you to lower Manhattan, which contains locations like Chinatown, Wall Street and Two Bridges.

The expansion will also deliver core gameplay tweaks; they overhauled the whole UI and inventory system, changed some mechanics involving gear (hopefully for the better) and made stats easily to read. The level cap’s also been upped to 40, with a new SHD leveling system that Ubisoft promises will have infinite progression and 4 new skills.

Seasons will also be coming to the game, with each lasting 3 months. The first of these will kick off a week after Warlords of New York launches, and will feature unique rewards and its own narrative.

Warlords of New York hits March 3 and will cost USD$30 (no word on local pricing).

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