When I first saw Marvel’s Avengers at TGS last year, I wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t impressed again when I saw it at GameStart too. The delay from May to September validated my thinking; it really didn’t look (or play) too good.

While I have faith in Crystal Dynamics (after all, they were behind revitalizing Tomb Raider), their work on the game leaves something to be desired…there seems to be something missing.

While I’m off wondering what that is, Square Enix’s gone and revealed all the different editions the game’s going to come in…at least on the PS4 side of things.

First off, the regular edition comes with these freebies if you pre-order.

An emote, some skins inspired by the Avengers’ classic looks, a nameplate, a dynamic theme (which has the potential to be cool) and early access to the beta.

Of course, there’s a higher tiered version…and that’s the Deluxe Edition.

It comes with all the pre-order content that’s available in the regular edition PLUS 3 days early access to the full game, MORE nameplates and yet another DLC costume pack.

Still not hardcore enough?

Then you’ll want the Earth’s Mightiest edition.

This version comes with a Steelbook, Black Widow buckle, Iron Man armor blueprints (which might look good framed), Hulk bobblehead, a Mjolnir keychain, an Avengers pin, a ‘photo’ of the Avengers together and a 12” statue of Captain America.

No word yet on pricing but I’m betting the Earth’s Mightiest edition is at least $250. Better save up if you’re interested in getting it.

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