If you are looking into buying a laptop (especially if you’re a content creator), you might want to consider Gigabyte’s AERO series laptops with RTX Studio.

Why you ask?

It comes with 3 full months of Adobe Creative Cloud…FREE.

That’s a pretty good value in savings right there, even more so when you consider the hardware you’re getting in return for spending your hard earned cash.

While AMD’s chomping down NVIDIA’s lead in the GPU arena, it’s still NVIDIA who has the upper hand with content creating programs, so it pretty much makes sense that you’re going to want an RTX card.

NVIDIA RTX Studio laptops and desktops have dramatically enhanced performance and stability in essential Adobe apps combined with GPU acceleration technology and exclusive Studio Drivers.

What that means is that NVIDIA’s card are better optimized. I’ve used both AMD and NVIDIA cards for my content creation work in the past and this is pretty much spot on. The GTX cards (I’ve not used an RTX yet) always seem to perform better.

If you’re a newbie and wondering what Adobe CC is, it’s basically an always online service that gives artists specialising in photography, graphic design, video editing, and 3D motion graphics a robust portfolio of 30+ apps and tools necessary to realize their creative visions.

The plans offered by Adobe directly are very restricted.

You can either go for a monthly plan with no contract at SGD104.59/- per month or take up the annual plan which means you have to pay a monthly a bill of SGD69.72/- for 12months irregardless of whether you are using it everyday.

Otherwise, you can make a one time payment of SGD782.27 to have it for a whole year. There is no option of buying few months or few years or even a lifetime purchase.

Yes, Adobe CC subscriptions can take up quite a fraction from the pocket of a general user.

I am basing it on the annual plan rate that requires monthly payment of SGD69.72/- per month and multiplied by 3 months so the nett value of having the Adobe CC for 3months is SGD209.16/- and (as of 26 Feb 2020).

Decent savings no?

Following are the laptops on promotion:

Note: A variety of models for different creative professional users (click this to get detail information)

In addition to the outstanding performance, the AERO series also boasts the world’s only X-Rite Pantone certified screen to ensure pinpoint colour accuracy right out of the box. 

Since it’s very likely that creative professionals are as nomadic as ever, the AERO series comes with a battery capacity of 94 Watts-hours, providing up to 8.5 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Ultra-performance is also ultra-light with the AERO series, measuring just 2cm and weighing under 2kg. Finally there’s a no-compromise workstation replacement designed specifically for the demanding workflow of the creative professional. That is extremely convenient!

Look, even though they are all more than SGD2K, it is a long term investment. Especially if you work in the creative industry and would like to keep up challenge to deliver completed projects faster than ever, this is a must buy.

It does not really matter whether they throw in free 3 months of Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions because if you compare the budget invested for perhaps Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED which is SGD2500.0/- with struggling to use powerful software with laptops that perform slower, you are paying more for this laptop and in return you buy fast speed which results in you having excess time to do more projects.

Plus. the 3 months of free adobe cc subscription which is worth estimated SGD210.0/- is just a cherry on top!

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