It’s not out officially but Mojang’s Minecraft Earth is finally in Early Access on the local Google Play store. You can register your interest and if you’re chosen, you’ll get to play the game earlier than most.

I was lucky enough to be admitted into the Early Access and the gameplay’s pretty decent…though I’m still just getting started.

Yep, I’m just a paltry Level 2.

There’s a ton of stuff to be clicking on (clickables randomly respawn all the time around you) and I’ve enjoyed the hour (or two) I’ve had to try out the game.

I’m actually looking forward to building stuff in AR (I don’t have enough materials right now to build) and all of the features seen in the gameplay trailer.

So go ahead, and sign up if you’re interested! It looks to be a fun diversion.

I’ll be back with more impressions once I’ve had more time with the game.

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