I love the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. I think it’s one of the best controller money can buy, even at its just under $200 asking price.

When Microsoft announced that the controller would get a newer, updated version, I was all for it!

…that is until I saw how much it’s going to go on sale for locally.

Are you ready?

Brace yourself.

It’s not going to be pretty.

Here you go.

This isn’t a joke.

I hope it is, but since it’s on the local Microsoft store page, it’s highly unlikely.

True, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is more expensive than the original. It’s going for $179.99 in the US, up from $149.99.

However, even by going by today’s exchange rate, that means it should be retailing for about $245.

You know it’s a problem when it’s cheaper on import sites like playasia (who are notorious for their jacked up prices).

Why the insane pricing Microsoft?

I know you guys need to turn a profit, but come on!

At $269.90, nobody is gonna buy it! I consider myself hardcore (and a diehard Xbox fan) and even I’m balking at paying that much for a controller, awesome as it is!

I might get one at $200 or $220 but no freaking way I’ll spend $269.90.

Ok, I know it’s future proof (since it’ll work on Project Scarlett) but come on guys, that’s waaaaaaay too much for a controller.

Here’s hoping Amazon or some other retailer has it on sale for Black Friday, cause that’s the only way I see myself getting one at this point.

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