File this under WTF.

I don’t recall anybody wearing denim in any of the Star Wars movies, so this one totally got me out of the blue. It’s definitely one of the weirdest crossovers I’ve heard of…and that’s even considering Transformers x 7-Eleven!

After looking at some of the products, I can safely say I’ll never look at Levi’s the same way again. That’s due to the fact that all my respect for the company’s gone.

I don’t know who approved these designs but JEEBUS!

Is the point of the collection to go as tacky as possible?

I’m a HUGE fan of Star Wars but even I won’t be caught dead wearing any of these travesties! They look lazy, amateurish and nowhere near the quality you’d expect!

The only saving grace for the lineup are the custom options, where you can put your own name (or whatever) at the end of some of them. Potential there for shenanigans but definitely not enough to redeem them all.

The sad thing is I’d DEFINITELY have bought jeans or a jacket if they were tastefully done…but not like this, not like this.

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