It’s long been suspected, hinted and even advertised but it’s nice to see Blizzard finally announce Diablo IV.

The game’s been pretty much an open secret for years now, what with everybody and their grandma knowing its in development.

Taking place decades after Diablo III, the sequel promises to be darker and a return to form for the series. I guess that means macabre imagery, with a ton of demonic enemies and black magic…all of which seems to be in the announcement trailer.

So…whatever happened to the Nephalem from Diablo III? Or the angels? Or Tyrael? Or even Tyrael’s warning that the Nephalem (and humanity) might be a threat to everything in the future? Nobody knows…

From what’s been revealed, Diablo IV’s going to be all about Lilith’s return and what that means for the world of Sanctuary. Despite being one of the progenitors of the Nephalem, I doubt her intentions are benign…

Nope, definitely not.

The revealed classes are all stalwarts of the series; Sorceress, Druid and Barbarian…though I’m betting at least 2 more classes will join them before long. Come on Assassin and Necromancer! Don’t let me down Blizzard!

Like most of the other game revealed, there’s no release date for Diablo IV but seeing as how it’s releasing for PC, Xbox and PS4, it’ll probably be out before the end of 2020, when the next generation console hits.

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