As a lover of all things Overwatch, all I have to say is, “It’s about damn time!”.

Still, considering this is Blizzard we’re talking about, it’s a miracle we’re getting a sequel so fast. Yes I know it’s been years but Diablo fans have got it MUCH, much worse.

So yes, it’s awesome.

What is also awesome?

The reveal trailer!

Hot damn that almost brought a tear to these jaded eyes!

Still, it does bring fresh new questions to the mix; where are Soldier 76 and the MIA Overwatch members?

Gameplay-wise, Overwtach 2 looks to be like Overwatch but juiced up…like Reinhardt boosted by Ana’s ultimate! It’s ticking off the checklist of sequel features; more new characters, new modes, new maps, customization options and a healthy dose of lore to go along with it.

No crossplay announced (yet) but it looks like owners of the original game can play some modes with the sequel’s players too.

Awesome, but not as awesome as the news that all cosmetics unlocked in Overwatch will be carried over to Overwatch 2! All the seasonal unlocks you got won’t go to waste!

Unfortunately, like most of the stuff announced at BlizzCon, Overwatch 2 doesn’t have a release date. If we had to bet though, it’ll be out Q2 2020.

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