With it’s release date of December 20 rapidly approaching, Netflix’s The Witcher series finally has a trailer for us to feast our eyes on. It’s decent and I can definitely see potential in it if it’s done right.

Here’s the trailer, have a look.

I’ve nothing against Henry Cavill (loved him in Mission: Impossible) but he’s much too handsome and clean to be Geralt. I mean come on! No scars on the face, that square, chiseled jawline…he looks like Superman cosplaying as a human!

I think this might be the first time I think an actor looks too damn good for the role!

Other than that, we see the rest of the crew (Yen, Triss and Siri!) but one has to wonder where Geralt’s father figure/mentor Vesemir is. I’m still pissed that Peter Stomare wasn’t cast the part. He looks like he stepped out of Witcher 3 for Jeebus’ sake!

Also…can somebody tell me where the monsters are? There’s a definite lack of them for some weird reason. I sure hope that’s not a sign that the show won’t have a ton of them…

Ranting aside, I can’t wait for next month! I’m really hoping Netflix releases more trailers between then!

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