Sunless Sea was one of the best indie games I’ve ever played. Mixing Lovecraftian horror with a post apocalyptic steampunk vibe, it had very little competition in style and substance.

When Sunless Skies (the spiritual sequel to Sunless Sea) was announced (and subsequently, released) for the PC with no console version revealed, it made me a very, very sad panda.

For months, I kept hoping for an announcement revealing the game’s coming to consoles. That day has FINALLY come.

Sunless Skies is heading to the PS4 as Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition!

It’s more of what made Sunless Sea great; awesome top-down gameplay that’s a heady mix to RPG, survival and choose your own adventure. It’s certainly not a game for everybody but if you’re into the same things that I am, I guarantee you’ll love it.

Unfortunately, the game’s not set to launch until Q1 2020…and even then, there’s no word on exactly when. Fingers crossed it’s in January!

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